Monday, October 10, 2005

Good to be Bad? Hip to be Square?

I was folding laundry this afternoon and I noticed, once again, the message embroidered on a fleece sweatshirt belonging to Middle Sister. "Angel with an Attitude: Don't Let the Halo Fool You."
It's cute, and even a little clever.
But I have to wonder, what are we teaching our kids when we let them wear stuff like this?
In my early teaching days, Bart Simpson was new....and the kids were wearing "Bart Simpson: Underachiever" T-shirts. The sad part was, these kids WERE the underachievers! Why is this something they'd want to advertise?
When we were down the shore this summer (yes, I'm a Jersey Girl, we go "down the shore") I browsed in a T-shirt store and saw some of those shorts with words on the butt. Those are offensive to me no matter what they say--but these shorts said a word that I cannot print here, since this is a "family" blog, a word that has 5 letters and begins with B. Certainly this is not a word that most women would be proud to be called.
Same with the glittery tees that proclaim, "Spoiled Rotten."
That's a GOOD thing?
I'm well aware that anyone reading something on someone else's butt is not expecting to see a commentary on the wearer's intelligence, but couldn't we have some more positive messages on the clothing for a change?


Philothea Rose said...

My husband and I were shopping and went into a "hip and trendy" store to check it out, and found the most appaling t-shirt slogans I've ever seen. I told him, "If I ever caught one of my kids wearing those, I'd burn it off his body that second." I don't understand the culture that actually tries to debase itself, and then tries to make us proud of it. And then we wonder why we have so many problems, such low self esteem.

Jill said...

thank you - i am in total agreement with both of you. even when i see colleges or schools across the butts - it's a concern. is this where we want our daughter's admirers' looking - and i have a son!

Julie D. said...

Yes, some of those slogans are just too much and my girls would never wear some of the underwear or T-shirts we see at Urban Outfitters.

However, I think we also must apply balance and remember how we felt when we were teenagers. A T-shirt slogan does not the person make and sometimes a T-shirt is just a T-shirt (thinking of the Bart Simpson comments here). :-)

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Oh, I know...balance is key. But some people seem to lack the common sense it takes to bring the balance there...
In church, in the last 3 weeks, I have seen boys wearing these shirts:
-SCREW the RULES (this one under a white Altar Server cassock, and you could read the words on the kid's back)
-Wanna hear my Special Effects?

Generally, I believe that someone wears a shirt because they identify in some way with the message on it.

Rock Wren said...

"anyone reading something on someone else's butt is not expecting to see a commentary on the wearer's intelligence"

OK, that's going in my quote book. :)