Thursday, October 27, 2005

Halloween II

HA! You thought I was going to talk about horror movies, didn't you? Admit it!

Well, you were wrong.

This message is brought to you courtesy of Catholic Ragemonkey, where Fr. Shane wants to know what everyone's favorite Halloween candy is.

Because to me, it's all about the candy. I don't even dress up anymore, but I'm the mom, so I don't have to! Big Daddy treks the kids around the neighborhood where they collect enough candy to keep our dentist busy for the next year, and afterwards they sort it out and sometimes share with me.

As they get older they get less selective about what kind of candy they will eat, so for Mom the pickings have been getting pretty slim of late. Good for my waistline (which hasn't been getting any slimmer) but not so good for my tastebuds!

Given the choice of the traditional Halloween offerings, my hands-down favorite is Milky Ways. And the new DARK Milky Ways are a bonus!

I think Milky Ways for me are a nostalgia candy. My grandmother used to keep a bag of them (snack size) in the fruit drawer of her refrigerator. When we visited, we could have 1 or 2. My mom would go through half the bag in an afternoon. We, being kids, were not allowed to eat candy to such excess. But Milky Ways bring me back to Saturday afternoons at Nanny's house, coloring, and drinking Coke out of Dixie Riddle cups at the kitchen table while Nanny said her prayers. Good times.


Amy Giglio said...

Milky Ways are my favorites too. Frozen. And Reese's peanut butter cups. And M&Ms. This is why I'm overweight *sigh* :)

Steve said...

Im kinda particular to my MIL homemade Pralines, but butterfingers and smarties rock too.