Sunday, January 24, 2010

Best Thing I Ever Heard at a Funeral

On Thursday, TheDad and I attended the funeral for our friend (and neighbor's) father. He had passed away on Monday after a long battle with Alzheimer's, and his wife and daughters had worked tirelessly to honor his request to remain at home through his illness.

During the homily, the priest mentioned that funerals are sacred times. They take you out of your daily routine. And as you take the time to pray for the soul of the deceased person, you also take the time to remember how that person blessed your life--and how you blessed theirs.

How have you blessed someone's life today?


Mimi said...

Wow! I love this! Thank you.
May his Memory be Eternal.

Steve said...

I'm reading this great book by Fr. Larry Richards called " Be A Man! Becoming the man God wants you to be",
and in it, Fr. Larry says you should acknowledge that you are going to die, and imagine how you want everyone to remember you. Write down how you want them to remember you, and those are the things you should do daily to make your life better. Im trying it, and it works!