Sunday, January 24, 2010

Overheard at the Pancake House

Little Brother and TheDad made pancakes this morning. They do this at least once every weekend. It's their special tradition.

I ate breakfast already, so they're enjoying their pancakes by themselves.

"I have the cutting knife," Little Brother called out.

"Isn't every knife a cutting knife?" I wondered.

"No, Mom," Little Brother patiently explained. "In pancakes, you have a cutting knife and a butter knife. That's the rules."

I had no idea that breakfast silverware could be so complicated.


Ellen said...

If you can have two forks for dinner, why not two knives for pancakes?

Jeanne said...

...or that pancakes come with rules! Gotta check around the kitchen for the playbook....

Steve said...

Ooooh yes, and they can ONLY be cut a certain way, and Boudreaux does not like butter, only syrup (or maybe jelly depending on the day) and Thibadeaux only wants butter, no syrup at all, and the sausage cant touch the pancakes....EVER!!

LOL, aint having kids the best thing ever?!?!