Sunday, January 03, 2010

Hit the Showers

Between a sick day on New Year's Day and visiting yesterday, Little Brother has escaped the fate he dreads: a trip to the shower. (Why is it that little boys love to play outside in the rain, but can't stand to take a shower?)

I informed him that this morning he will be showering before church. There was much protest: wailing, gnashing of teeth, the whole bit. He doesn't care if we tell him he stinks.

But then I got him: "I don't think you've had a shower yet this year!"

He couldn't argue with that. "You got me, Mommy!"


Therese said...

lol. My older boys use to avoid the shower and now I cannot get them out of it.

Debrinconcita said...

I never thought of ingenious way's to get them to take a shower. I wished I would have thought of that one? Thanks for letting us into your life. Debrinconcita