Saturday, April 09, 2011

Tween Track Trends

At Little Brother's track meet today, I was doing the "recording" (writing down everyone's times for each race) when the other teams' recorders and I noticed a couple of girls wearing two different running shoes.

It seems that they'd traded ONE of their shoes with another runner, so they each had two different shoes.

No big deal, they told us. The shoes were the same brand and the same size.

After another mom explained that runners' feet are each different and the shoes conform to the feet, she mumbled to me that she really doesn't like parenting other people's children.

Clearly I have no such qualms; at that very moment I was asking the girls if they were running in any more races today and instructing them to change their shoes back before racing again.


Barbara said...

That sounds just like a teenage girl thing. I guess they're normal!

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Definitely normal--and when I came home and told the story, Middle Sister saw nothing wrong with it either! (Of course, she shuns matching socks, except when required to wear them by the school's dress code...) It's just the danger of a turned ankle from running in shoes that have conformed to another runner's feet!