Thursday, September 15, 2005

I don't do bugs

It is Big Daddy's responsibility to deal with any insect life that enters our home uninvited. Generally this means that if I see a spider around, I'll wait until Big Daddy gets home and make him take care of it. Yes, in this house, gender roles are pretty much traditional.
Big Daddy had already left for work this morning when Big Brother felt something inside his school shoe.
"Something's crawling around in my shoe, Mom!"
"You probably have a rock in there. Just shake it out."
"There's a CRICKET in my shoe!"
Guess who had to take the shoe outside and shake it until the traumatized cricket escaped to safety in the flower bed?
Big Brother has a lot to learn about his upcoming responsibilities. The kid's a Boy Scout, for Pete's sake. He earned his NATURE badge this summer.
My only consolation is that the kids didn't go running for our neighbor to encourage him to catch the wayward cricket and feed it to his lizard!

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