Thursday, September 08, 2005


It's been another fun-filled day, what with Middle Sister's eye-rolling, and rude answering, and finally outright snapping at me for no reason at the dinner table.
She was warned at the bus stop this morning that she'd be spending some quality time with her rude self alone in her room with NO RADIO (the ultimate punishment for She Who Has Four Radios). And she got what she wanted, after dinner and the post-dinner chores. I guess that's what she wanted, since she continued her rude behavior. She's old enough to know by now that with me, it's not a threat but a promise.

I thought about having her write the Fourth Commandment a few hundred times. (It's a good penmanship exercise too). I didn't, though, because Big Daddy said that he would go up and talk to her. So I am anxious to see what will come about as a result.

I don't want my children growing up to be rude, to me or to anyone else. I have the feeling she sees far too much of it on "TeenNICK" type shows, and is imitating what she sees. Maybe she sees too much of it in me, too, and I am trying to be better. But I want to foster more respect, and respectful behavior, in my children.

Suggestions are welcome.

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Jill said...

barb - i have no suggestions.. my sister in law and brother are having similar situation with my 16 year old niece.. unbelievable sense of entitlement going on. i think it is worse with girls than boys.

is there any comfort in knowing you are not alone?