Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Lunchroom days are here again

Little Brother and I volunteer in the cafeteria at the Big Kids' school. I was just talking to Little Brother about what he wants to bring to school in his lunchbox today. His first answer was "Green beans!" Of course, he wants to wear his "school shirt" (Middle Sister's old gym t-shirt) to the lunchroom too. I'm looking forward to being there today. It's not the most glamorous volunteer work (wiping tables, cleaning up spills, emptying trash and stopping children from throwing things--I can do all that at HOME!) but it is a help to the school and I enjoy being around all the kids.
They enjoy being around Little Brother. Every child in the school knows his name. He has his choice of whom to sit with at the lunch tables. Eighth-grade boys--and girls--play little games with him. It's really nice to be around a group of children who treat Little Brother as if he IS their little brother.
That's the kind of thing that makes our school the nice little community that it has come to be.

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