Sunday, September 18, 2005

Someone was watching out for me this morning

It's not like the Music Director hasn't given me ample notice that we were switching Mass settings today. I've known it for at least 3 weeks. And I HAVE all the music in my Big Church Binder for all the Mass settings that we've ever done in my 3 years singing at this parish.
So I lead the singing of the Entrance Hymn and turn the page to the Gloria. Luckily I don't play the introductions on my guitar--the Music Director does those solo, on the keyboard. There I am, on Auto-Cantor, as I am about to play the Heritage Gloria and I hear the Music Director launch into the Mass of Creation. Eeek!
OK, I'll just sing and not play. I'll look a bit foolish with my guitar hanging around my neck doing nothing, but I can roll with that. I'm singing and turning the page in my book at the same time. I'm into the second verse before I realize that the music in front of me is the St. Louis Jesuits Gloria, and that the Mass of Creation setting is in a completely different part of my book.
So I turn the pages AGAIN, hoping frantically that no one has noticed.
Amazingly, I never made a mistake in singing the acclamation that I was unable to locate in my binder until the song was 2/3 over.
I think that next Sunday I'll have my coffee BEFORE church.
St. Cecilia, I owe you one.

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