Friday, December 14, 2007

A Letter I Wish I Could Send

Dear (name withheld)

One day this week I was waiting in line at your workplace. You were assisting a customer and laughing with that customer and others in line about the pastor in our church. You were broadcasting the irreverent behavior that you and your friends display in church, particularly during the Lord's Prayer.

Did you know that Father very deliberately tries to slow down the Lord's Prayer? It's not because he is being ornery. It's because he wants everyone to take the time to listen to each and every word that we are praying. Father has said on more than one occasion that we must not race through the Lord's Prayer--we must savor every word, as that is the prayer that Jesus taught us to pray. It's not funny that you and your friends finish "10 seconds before Father" and always wind up laughing.

But what really bothered me is that you think nothing of having these discussions in your workplace. You work in a very public place in town. Everything you say to one customer is overheard by all the other customers who may be there. Please use your interactions with your customers as opportunities to spread good, not to mock or slander others.

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