Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Something I want to do every year

Nothing puts you in the Christmas spirit than spending money donated to a "Pollyanna Fund" on a couple of little kids who'll need gifts this year.

Our Secular Franciscan fraternity had $300 to spend, and since I'm the only one with children under 17, I was elected to take charge of the gift selection. SFO Girl's 4 teenage daughters helped me shop.

We filled TWO carts at Target. And we had a great time!

Here's everything, all wrapped up. Yes--The Girls are experts at wrapping and tying curly ribbon.

Ho ho ho!

And they had extra time before they had to go home, so they helped me finish wrapping the gifts I've purchased for the grandparents and cousins. (Sorry, grandparents and cousins. YOUR presents are not pictured here!)

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