Saturday, December 08, 2007

Slow Down!

This is what I get for doing too much rushing.

My mom is afraid to do any "cyber shopping" but she knows I have no such fears. So I get frequent calls: "Can you find one of these, and get it shipped to me?" Then she waits on the phone while I place the order and writes out a check and mails it.

Last week I ordered something from a certain store so she could give it to one of my nieces.

This week I ordered something from the same store as a gift to one of my kids.

Yesterday I got a tracking number in an email and when I checked on the package, it was set to arrive at Mom's house on Tuesday. I assumed it was my niece's gift. So I emailed Mom that the package was on the way.

I got an email back that she had already received that package on Thursday!

Sure enough, the gift I ordered is also on its way to Mom's house. 125 miles from here. I need it here for Christmas. The site had "helpfully" remembered Mom's shipping address, and I never thought to check on that when I made the second order.


There's going to be a lot of gas and turnpike tolls expended to correct this mistake.

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