Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's Pink Candle Sunday!

Time to decorate the tree. But first I have to do the "check every bulb" thing and replace the ones that don't work, and in some cases unwind the entire string from the branches where we left it last year, and redo that section. If TheDad doesn't think the tree looks "X-rayed" when the lights are on, then I have not accomplished my mission. I think there are a dozen strings of lights on the tree.

Little Brother is driving us crazy wanting to unwrap the ornaments now. Middle Sister is going to the movies with a friend, and is a little put out that we said she had to be home by 7:30 so we can do the ornaments. Big Brother is ignoring all the proceedings, having fulfilled his first role of "Beast of Burden" carrying the tree inside. He'll get into it later when it's time to hang things on the highest branches.

I think it's time to put on some Christmas music. Maybe Mannheim Steamroller; maybe Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Something to string lights by.


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