Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Few Great Links

In no particular order.

The Curt Jester on Chesterton and church architecture. My favorite line:
with older forms of sacred architecture a church proudly proclaimed itself as a church directed towards the glory of God while some forms of modern style meekly proclaims I am a church, but I might be a bank or an auditorium.

Sadly true! Who declared, sometime after 1965, that churches had to be made as cheaply and ugly as possible? I thought that particular combination was reserved for auditoriums (or worse, cafegymatoriums!)

Maureen Martin is back with some fabulous parody. This is funny stuff. Scroll down to the part titled: Catholics Already Incensed at the Church Being in Their Bedrooms Discover Church in Additional Rooms.

Barbara at Praying for Grace shares the Five-Finger Prayer.

The Weekly Column Roundup at

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