Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hooked on Phonics Worked For Me!

Little Brother has been having a great time with a jigsaw puzzle he got for his birthday. It has all the U.S. states and shows the capitols.

Even though he's still in kindergarten, he's quite a good reader. But sometimes his pronunciation leaves a little bit to be desired.

Tonight he's been asking me the capitols of different states as he puts the puzzle together. He's impressed that I know all of them (I learned them from a jigsaw puzzle I had as a kid!)

He was doing fairly well, even pronouncing things, until he got to:
"What's the capitol of Arizona?"

I told him I'd answer that one after dinner, trying to get him to hurry to the table instead of going through the entire 50 states before his meal. But he had to finish the one we were working on:

"Phonics, Mom!"

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