Monday, August 04, 2008

Accident Prone

Shortly I will be off to the doctor's with Middle Sister, who slammed her foot on a concrete shelf in our family room late last night. (I always knew someone was going to get badly hurt on that thing!)

I am thankful that Big Brother is home so that he can watch Little Brother; that Middle Sister is already proficient on crutches (she's way too big for me to carry); that the doctor's office was able to get her in early; and that there is plenty of frozen pizza (not to mention chicken nuggets) so Big Brother can make lunch.

She's hurting. Prayers would be appreciated :)

LUNCHTIME UPDATE: After a doctor visit, an X-ray and a long wait we were sent home to call our doctor back. They gave us the number of an orthopedist--it's a possible fracture of the heel. But the orthopedist's office is on lunch break so I am impatiently waiting until 1:00 (don't get me started).

Meanwhile, Middle Sister commented, "It doesn't look like I'm gonna get my trampoline anytime soon."

MORE UPDATE: We have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to see the orthopedist. So Middle Sister is enjoying a chore-free afternoon with her foot up.

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