Friday, August 15, 2008

Prayers are Working!!

Prayers are working! Here is the latest from SFO Girl:

TODAY..she feels like a new girl and wants to go home. They are puzzled
and her creatinine came down from 10 to 7 unexpected trend. Still high...

For whatever reason...DIVINE? There is no place on the schedule open to do an
IR port...until Tuesday....Waiting for the nephrology docs to do rounds and see
if the plan is the same or another wait and will go ahead as planned.
God is in charge

She woke this morning like a new girl...yesterday she appears as if she were
shot down and in misery until 4 AM

Her BP's today lower than the last 2 months....Off the IV BP meds.

God be Praised for all the miracles great and small...even if one is just feeling
human this morning. She is STARVING and wants to get on the move...complete
turnabout....Waiting for new labs and Neph docs...

Appreciating the prayers ...may they rise to the heavens!

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