Wednesday, August 27, 2008

TheDad's Big Day

Yesterday was TheDad's birthday, and his last day off before returning to work.

He made the most of the day, doing such exciting things as dropping off his car to get the timing belt replaced, arranging for Cub Scout recruitment flyers, and holding a Cub Scout planning meeting.

But we celebrated in style with dinner at his favorite restaurant, Outback Steakhouse, and homemade cupcakes for dessert.

After dinner we picked up his car, and then he took Little Brother over to the high school where Big Brother and Middle Sister were helping out at a fund-raiser car wash. (They're raising money to send 20 kids to Mississippi for a week to help with Habitat for Humanity's hurricane-relief effort. Big Brother is going.)

I got back home first and found something near the front door--a little package of Reese's Scoops. I thought maybe one of the Big Kids had dropped it on their way out, but I wasn't sure, so I moved it where no one would step on it.

A few minutes later Adventure Boy appeared at the door. He told me that he had come over with a present for TheDad, and handed me the package of candy. Just then, TheDad pulled into the driveway, and I told Adventure Boy that he could give his present to TheDad himself.

I have the feeling that this candy was Adventure Boy's own treat, that he gave to TheDad after he found out earlier in the day that it was his birthday.

So even though TheDad didn't win the lottery last night, I am sure he knows he received a much more valuable prize.

Happy Birthday!

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