Monday, October 13, 2008


One thing I really don't enjoy is coming downstairs in the morning to find a trashed kitchen.

But today I didn't mind it TOO much.

There were glasses and ice-cream bowls scattered around, since Big Brother had some friends stay overnight last night. There was a skillet and a pancake griddle, from TheDad's and Little Brother's breakfast. I could tell Little Brother had eaten pancakes, since the sprinkles were on the counter (and a few on the griddle). Little Brother likes colorful pancakes.

A Star Wars starfighter with C3-PO at the helm was parked next to my coffeepot. (No, Little Brother didn't do that. Apparently one of Big Brother's friends is a big Star Wars fan).

Then Middle Sister decided to make hash browns while I worked on waffles for the visiting teenagers, who were just starting to wake up.

The kitchen is a wreck. But everyone has had a good breakfast and is now enjoying a good laugh. I can live with that.

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