Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Sweater Rebellion

My kids all wear uniforms to school.

Now that the weather is getting cooler, those short-sleeved golf shirts are not doing the job. But this year the dress code for the middle-schoolers has changed. Unlike years past, they are not permitted to wear their gym sweatshirt (with school logo) unless it's Gym Day. On other days, they must wear the school sweater.

Middle Sister and her friends had enjoyed the middle-school privilege last year, until the principal determined that the older students looked very sloppy in the sweatshirts and decided that they would not be worn during this school year. Needless to say, Middle Sister and the others are quite unhappy about this.

I made sure to purchase her a uniform sweater in the correct size over the summer, but she insists that she won't wear it. In that case, it'll be in mint condition when Little Brother grows into it. But I predicted that she'd change her mind after the first cold day.

The school is also undergoing renovations, including a new heating system. This morning she was not looking forward to the prospect of sitting in a classroom when it's 42 degrees outside. "Mom, did you know that my school doesn't even have heat?"

"It's still early; they'll turn the heat on soon."

"They're replacing the boiler! Why didn't they do that over the summer?" (I can't argue with that logic...it would have been smarter to do that job in August). "And they won't even let us wear our jackets!"

"Good thing you have a sweater," I commented. "You can wear that today."

"I'll never wear the sweater and my friends won't either. We're rebelling against sweaters."

"I'm warm," Little Brother bragged. "I'm wearing my sweater."

She's cutting off her nose to spite her face, and I'm not willing to enable her on this score. I figure she'll give in when she gets cold enough. To me, this is a silly fight, and suffering through cold days isn't the way to convince the principal to change her mind.

The bus pulled up. And I wasn't above getting in one last little dig.

"Have a good day," I called. "Stay warm!"

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