Friday, October 17, 2008

All I Got was a Bellyache

Tonight we did something that our family almost never does. We got drive-through supper at Chick-Fil-A (there was a fund-raiser for Big Brother's Habitat trip to Mississippi) and ate it while we drove Big Brother to a camping trip for another school activity, then took Middle Sister to a sleepover at her "BFF's" house.

Big Brother juggled his dinner and the map while I held my sandwich with one hand, trying not to lose the pickles as I drove.

Normally our dinner conversation includes a little instruction in table manners and utensil use, but we had no tables and no utensils. So instead Big Brother and I fought the Radio Wars and argued over whether we wanted to listen to "Smoke on the Water" or a Dire Straits tune (that was a tough choice, believe me!)

I know it was a fund-raiser, so I can live with the $23 dinner for 4 (oh, the amazing meal I could make at home on that budget). But I do enjoy seeing the faces of the people with whom I'm sharing a meal--without having to use a rear-view mirror. And I'm convinced that driving makes me eat faster, so now I've got a bellyache.

I'm glad we don't have meals like that too often. Our next dinner together will be eaten at the table. I didn't realize how much I take that for granted.

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