Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Attention Fellow Office-Supply Geeks

You know who you are. I won't bother to name names.

I found 2-packs of the Sharpie pens at Wegmans today. I have been wanting to try these ever since I saw the ads in Real Simple (and I have to say, the companies who advertise in that magazine are very effective at making me want the stuff they sell!) New kinds of pens--how could I resist? I love pens. I think there are about 8 of them in my purse right now, because I NEED 8 pens....(well, one's a Sharpie, and one's a pencil, and after that I really only need ONE pen in there--but they just keep sneaking on in). Whenever TheDad goes to a convention, he comes back with a handful of pens, and I hijack most of them before the kids get to them.

About the Sharpie pen--I got the pretty blue color. Blue's my favorite, after all. It really is that light of a blue. Very different, but very nice. I can see the ink a LITTLE bit through a standard sheet of copy/printer paper or planner paper, but not as much as the ink from a roller-ball or gel-ink pen. So far, so good; we'll see what happens when I leave the cap off for hours or drop it on its tip. It's kind of a very, very fine felt-tip type of pen. The ink dries instantly, which is great, because I do tend to smear ink around. For that reason, I'd recommend these to "lefties" like my sister.

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