Monday, October 27, 2008

No more junk... my (car) trunk!

Yes, I cleaned out the car today. I was given a few reusable shopping bags at school when I volunteered in the library this morning, and I figured that instead of carrying empty bags into the house, I'd fill them up with what had been left in the van.

No wonder Little Brother couldn't find his jacket this morning! I found his fall jacket, a windbreaker, and 2 sweatshirts (one hoodie, one regular) in the van. (Never fear, I sent him to school wearing a half-zip fleece, so he was warm enough!)

I also found 2 flashlights, 2 rain ponchos, a key I'd been missing, 2 books, and 4 DVDs.

I threw out a grocery bag full of trash and then even dragged out the shop-vac to get the popcorn kernels (who ate popcorn in the car? Must have been sometime when TheDad took them somewhere...)

And when the kids get home in 10 minutes I will issue the inevitable warning against eating in my van, leaving stuff in my van, and generally trashing my van.

But I know perfectly well that by Saturday I'll need to clean it again.

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