Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Things We Do For Our Kids

The things we do for love!

TheDad drove an hour each way last night, in the pouring rain, with Little Brother and Adventure Boy, on the way to a Cub Scout haunted hike that was cancelled the second they got there. So he took the boys for ice cream before coming home.

Then TheDad stayed up so that he could take Big Brother from the homecoming dance to his friend's party.

Our front lawn has been painted by members of the junior class at Big Brother's high school. They didn't intend to paint the lawn--they just overran the borders of the plywood they were using for their homecoming float. So we've got odd lines of white, black and Eagles green.

The same members of Big Brother's class used our driveway, and our sidewalk chalk, for sketching practice before painting on the plywood--so until it rained last night we had a panda, a dog and the crime-scene-type outline of a dead body adorning our driveway. That last was particularly effective when TheDad parked his car partially covering the picture.

And one of Big Brother's friends was heard to sing, as he helped himself to a soda from our refrigerator, "Welcome to Big Brother's house, where your food is my food."

I visited no fewer than 3 stores this week and spent no less than $34 looking for the perfect ensemble for Middle Sister's Halloween costume (she and her friends will be the 3 Blind Mice.) Those same friends, along with Middle Sister, are sprawled all over our family room after last night's "awake-over." In fact, Middle Sister is currently sleeping along the top edge of the couch, balancing precariously with a blanket over her shoulders but with her bare feet sticking out. (I feel sorry for the friend she'll land on when if she loses her balance!)

TheDad went on a late-night Wendy's run so the girls could have a snack after they ate popcorn, potato chips, and ice cream.

Just another typical week at our house...

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