Friday, May 12, 2006

Day of Recollection

Tomorrow my SFO Fraternity will be hosting our annual Day of Recollection. We have a gifted Guest Speaker scheduled; a Franciscan priest who will explore the topic "Evangelical Counsels: The Call to be Poor, Loving and Obedient."

Including our SFO Fraternity members and guests we may have 50 people!

This will be the second year that I am Martha For A Day. In other words, I run the kitchen. We have many members who due to age have physical limitations. I'm 40 and I can put in a day of standing, carrying, cooking, serving and cleaning. Hey--I do it at home! And hospitality is an important part of the day.

Last year our speaker (the same one we'll have this time) scolded me for spending the day in the kitchen and missing the talk. So...I'm prepared. Along with the kitchen equipment, paper goods and food I've packed, I've also got the baby monitor. This way I can listen to the lectures. AND I've requested that when it's time to break into small groups for "sharing," that one small group visit me in the kitchen. If they want to share the work while they share the wisdom, that'll be great.

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will work in our speaker and in the hearts of all who are fortunate to listen.

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