Friday, May 05, 2006

How Much Coffee...

...will it take to appropriately fortify myself in order to accompany Middle Sister's class (and the fifth grade as well) on a field trip to the Adventure Aquarium? My saving grace here is that there will be no ride on a school bus, as we're taking the light rail. They plan on spending the day, although it is my scientific conclusion after visiting the place twice in the last three months that you can see the whole Aquarium in under two hours. With Little Brother along, you can do it in one and a half, including potty breaks.

In the interest of the "stay with the group" requirement, I have successfully begged my neighbor to watch Little Brother for the day. He prefers to run through the Aquarium at top speed, yelling, "What's this one?" but tearing off to the next one before you get to the sign for the first one. Now that's exhausting. Usually he falls asleep on the train ride home after that.

In addition to coffee, I believe I will need to bring sunglasses. Middle Sister is enjoying her day without a uniform. She is sporting tan capris, an orange T-shirt, a purple hoodie, purple socks and black Converse All-Stars. There will be no problem finding her in a crowd.

It will be a nice opportunity to spend time with Middle Sister and her friends without Little Brother along. That's a rare thing indeed.

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