Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Weapons and Peace

Danielle has a post today about boys playing with toy guns. It is a topic that comes up in my mind every now and again, especially after I've been around some SFOs in my fraternity who are particularly pacifist. I don't want to criticize them, and certainly they are more mature and probably more wise than I am...but they are also farther removed from the time when their sons were little boys and played with toy guns.

Boys and weapons just seem to go together. With two sons and a Boy Next Door who fits between them in age and plays here a lot, I see a lot of war-play going on. They use toy guns, water guns, play swords, and light sabers. If one of those is not handy they'll use a wiffle ball bat, a baseball tee (that's the cannon, in case you're interested), a pogo stick or a hockey stick. Given a little time to create their own, they'll come up with some fascinating weapons using simply Legos, K'Nex or Tinker Toys. Along with the neighbor children, the favorite outdoor game is Infiltrators.

It's unavoidable, I think. But they plan, they create, they strategize. And they make sure the Good Guys win.

Francis started out as an aspiring knight, after all.

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