Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Due Diligence

Here's a reminder that I needed to see today. I learned something new about St. Catherine of Bologna and her 7 Spiritual Weapons:
1. diligence
2. distrust of self
3. confidence in God
4. remembrance of the Passion
5. mindfulness of one's own death
6. remembrance of God's glory
7. the injuctions of Sacred Scripture, following the example of Jesus Christ in the desert
The Friar Minor has this observation:
Spiritual practice means to do whatever it is you are doing diligently. This is to say that you do it with love for your act, mindful and attentive to what you are doing and to yourself as you are doing it.
In this way you are attentive to the act you are doing, rather than
just thinking about the result, or worse, what you have to do next.

In other words, take God off Cruise Control--and put Him in control.

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