Tuesday, May 30, 2006

T is for...the Ten Things Meme

1. THREE--as in the number of children I have.

2. TERRIFIC--a good adjective to describe my husband.

3. TAU--the special cross worn by Secular Franciscans. Look at the top of my sidebar to see a sample.

4. TUNE--because I love music--listening to it as well as playing it.

5. TUB--my term for the big bucket I use to carry laundry out to my clothesline.

6. TANK--Little Brother's description of our "SUV-wannabe minivan" which happens to be green.

7. TIMER--what I live by in this house. I make it The Bad Guy when it's time for the kids to stop doing something fun and go do something not-so-fun.

8. TOO MANY--the number of cookbooks I have, according to my husband! Though he doesn't complain about my cooking...

9. TIP--helpful hints. I'm addicted to reading "tip" articles in magazines and on the internet. You never know when a good tip will come in handy.

10. TESTY--my mood in the morning until I've had my Sippy Cup of Coffee.

This meme has been brought to you by the Rambling GOP Soccer Mom, and the letter T.

Want to play? Just leave a comment, and I'll give you a letter.

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