Friday, May 26, 2006

Since when is it wrong... make people think at a college graduation?

Apparently, at the University of St. Thomas, it's wrong all the time.

A graduating student who was chosen to speak at graduation included a contrast of selfishness and selflessness--and had the gall, at a Catholic university no less, to describe premarital sex and the use of contraception as selfish. The horror!

Sounds to me like he learned something. But not, I guess, at the university, which demanded that he apologize for upsetting his fellow graduates and their families to the point that they got up and left the ceremony.

The truth hurts, kids!

I'd like to commend Father Martin Fox for contacting the president of the University of St. Thomas, who responded to him in a manner best described as "lame-o" (to use one of my sister's favorite words. Hey, it fits.)

The ones who should apologize were the ones so rude as to walk out on the speaker.

4 more years until Big Brother is ready for college. I'm crossing another one OFF my list of his choices.

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