Friday, April 13, 2007

Born to Shop

"Mom, can we have a Girl Day sometime soon?"

Translation: "Mom, when can you take me shopping?"

That's my daughter. She felt the need for a little Retail Therapy. Fortunately, TheDad was home today, so we had the opportunity to get out without any brothers and enjoy some shopping time. We visited the kinds of places girls like to shop: Target, Old Navy, Michaels and Barnes & Noble.

We've only got one daughter here, and sometimes I think she feels a little lost in the shuffle between her two brothers. She's not intimidated by them or any boys, and she can go to the creek and get just as muddy as the neighborhood boys who wade in it with her. But sometimes she just wants to go to the store and try on swimsuits and cute skorts--which I can't find on the website, but I highly recommend the girls' swingy skorts at Old Navy. Much more modest than most of their shorts, and cute too! (I did see some "Bermuda length" shorts for girls, too, which was a refreshing change that I'm glad to see.)

We managed to get her a swimsuit (two-piece at her insistence, with a matching rash guard top at my insistence), two skorts and a top that matches both. She used her own money for some accessories: flip-flops, purse and wallet. Nobody pouted, cried or sulked, and there was no shouting in the store or the car.

Girl Day was a real pleasure.

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