Monday, April 02, 2007


Little Brother and his friend Adventure Boy are sitting here playing Candyland. (And I am eternally grateful that there is another kid here to play Candyland with Little Brother, so I don't have to....I consider Candyland the parental version of Purgatory.) The boys needed me to "shovel" the cards so they could continue the game. I told them to wait just a minute while I took care of that. "Awww, tartar sauce!" Adventure Boy said when he found out I wouldn't be ready immediately. Love that creative swear alternative--I might have to adopt it!

While I re-piled and mixed up the cards, they asked me how I'd liked the trick they were doing under the pine tree earlier.

"It was pretty cool," I answered.

"But you can't do it," Adventure Boy informed me. "You're an Old Girl. You might fall down on your butt and get hurt."

Adventure Boy may be funny, but he sure is bad for my ego. Not bad enough for me to try that trick, though.

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