Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Middle Sister has a habit of forgetting her lunchbox. Generally she leaves it at home, but once she left it on the bus in the morning and her bus driver kindly returned it to our house early enough so I could bring it to school.

Today she had a few things to carry so I reminded her about her lunch. These are the kind of days when she tends to forget. Out the door she headed with her various bundles. I called, "Have a good day!" and just as the door closed behind her, I saw the lunch sitting on the stairs. "LUNCH!" I yelled, but she didn't hear me. As I headed down the stairs to get it and run it out to her, Big Brother appeared out of nowhere, hurdled a laundry basket, grabbed the lunch and ran out the door with it.

When he came in I started to thank him, and he commented, "That would have been a lot more exciting if the bus was actually here."

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