Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Look Who's In My Yard!

The picture's a little dark, but it WAS pretty early this morning. Mama and Papa Mallard paid a visit to my front yard looking for something from under the bird feeder. We did them one better and threw them some bread.

I'll have to look for them again tomorrow; I've been hearing them quacking around the neighborhood for about 2 weeks now but this is the first they've come to our yard. Generally they nest under my neighbor's shrubbery. Once they hatch the eggs, they'll leave pretty quickly with the babies and not be seen around here again until next spring!

Maybe it's silly to get all excited about a couple of ducks. But I do anyway. I enjoy seeing the cardinals who visit my bird feeder as well--and so do the kids. Little Brother is learning to identify our most common visitors, such as sparrows, robins, cardinals and "Mourning Duffs."

Seeing the ducks in the morning makes me smile. It's right up there with a pretty sunrise, a good cup of coffee, and a little time to enjoy all of those before any kids are awake and needing my attention. Today, God gave me the gift of "All of the Above." What a great way to start the day.

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