Sunday, September 09, 2007

2 Homilies, and Mother Teresa

Today at Mass our pastor spoke of (among other topics) Blessed Mother Teresa and her "dark night of the soul." He related it to the part in today's Gospel where Jesus says "If you wish to follow me, take up your cross...." Father H said that the spiritual barrenness that Mother Teresa experienced through much of her life was her cross, her burden. Her example to us is that she bore her burden patiently and without complaining. She took up her cross and did not let it deter her from following Christ through her life of service. He reminded us that all of us have a cross, a burden, to bear; and that we are called to do so with grace and reliance on God.

Today's Gospel also made Father Daren at Servant and Steward think about Mother Teresa's example to us--but his homily discusses how she put aside all things--family, possessions, life--to follow Jesus.

Both homilies give us a lot to think about today.

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