Friday, September 21, 2007

What I Love

...about the age Middle Sister is right now.

(And it's good to find things you love about "tween" girls, because all the High Drama can be very wearing. So I am working on thinking positive)

I just dropped Middle Sister off at a birthday party for someone in her class. It's a bowling party, so they're all dressed casually. But she had to very carefully choose her outfit and grouse about her hair and all of that.

When she came in, some of her friends were already there. They came running over. "Middle Sister! We're wearing the same shirt!" "Middle Sister! I have the same shoes as you! Look!" Much squealing, standing side-by-side to strike a pose, and giggling followed. Then they all scooted off to the bowling lane to start a game.

As I left, I pictured the same scene with 15-year-old girls--just 4 years older. "OMG! She is wearing the same shirt as me! How could she?!? Mom, you'll have to take me home to change."

Yes, this is definitely one of those "enjoy it while it lasts" kind of things.

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