Friday, September 21, 2007

Why is it...

that on a day off from school, Little Brother was up at 5:45 AM?

He doesn't have to be up that early on a school day.

And it's not like I told him that we're going to the Aquarium with some friends from the church choir and their sons today--because I know better than to tell a small child what the plans are more than ten minutes ahead of time.

When he came downstairs half an hour ago, I tucked him into bed with Daddy. I'm smart that way. For a while it was quiet, but now I hear him chattering away up there. TheDad has to get up for work now anyway, or he'll be late.

But speaking of TheDad, I think I just figured out why Little Brother is awake so early. Last night TheDad stopped at the store and picked up some of Little Brother's favorite breakfast meat: Canadian bacon! He promised they'd have breakfast together today.

In other words, he brought it on himself.

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