Sunday, September 09, 2007

Football game: watched it, got the what?

The Irish couldn't handle it yesterday. I've never seen so many penalties in a single game in my life!

I think the new QB shows promise but the other 21 guys have to back him up.

I also think ESPN has the worst sports coverage of any channel I've watched. I missed a whole series because they had to show some guy eating sticky buns in a diner. Save it for the Food Network! I want to see the game!

My neighbor has suggested that I look for a recipe for "crow" in one of my many cookbooks.

But hope springs eternal; I am no fair-weather fan. Can I find any more cliches to say I'm sticking with my team?

(And what does one do with a very nice game-day T-shirt now that the game has been played badly and lost? It was so nice of my cyberbuddy Ellen from Family Corner to send it to me!)

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