Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Comparison Shopping

Middle Sister came home this afternoon after spending Three Whole Days with her All-Girl Cousins. We've missed her!

And now, on to the Deprogramming.

While she's with her All-Girl Cousins, she is treated to all things girly. There are no light sabres around that house. Everything is pretty and feminine and looks like it came out of a Pottery Barn catalog. There are hair accessories and makeup of all kinds, and my sister-in-law knows how to use them.

I should be happy that her aunt and uncle generously invite Middle Sister into their home to spend time with the All-Girl Cousins, and truly I am. But I always wind up feeling insecure. Instead of reveling in the fact that my sister-in-law can pick up the slack in the hair and makeup department, I worry that I am failing my daughter in some way.

I know that I will never be able to be All Things To All Children. There will always be things I cannot do for my kids, things I cannot teach them. I will never be able to turn myself into a decorating, fashion, hair and makeup expert. And I'm being my own worst enemy by worrying about this.

Still, I wind up comparing myself to another mom. And I feel a little guilty that in a few minutes I'll be stepping into my kitchen, putting on my apron, and making Middle Sister's favorite chicken for dinner, in the hope that she will realize how much she missed being at home with her mom who loves her and loves to cook for her.

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