Thursday, July 24, 2008

Out Into the World

Today both my Big Kids are heading out into the world. Without me. Without TheDad.

Middle Sister is on her way to a fun-filled, four-day vacation to Hershey Park, including a Jonas Brothers concert, with her aunt and uncle and the All-Girl Cousins. It's great of them to bring her along, and I know they will all have a wonderful time. We're going to miss her, though. I'm sad already and she hasn't even left yet.

Big Brother just headed over to school with an overpacked lunch box in his hand and his work boots on. He'll be spending the day with Habitat for Humanity, building in Philadelphia. He's hoping to join a group from school on a trip to Mississippi this fall; they will spend a week rebuilding in a town hit by Hurricane Katrina. Who knew that helping with Stage Crew, building fake houses, would lead to helping build real houses for people in need? (Kudos to his school for encouraging the students to get involved in this great cause!)

They are spreading their wings...may God and the angels and the saints protect them. May they soar.

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