Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fun in the Sun

OK, I'm a little sunburned.

But it was worth it. Ellen had my family and Christine's over for a fun afternoon including lunch and a swim. And it was so hot today, I even got in the pool! My younger children had a good time with Christine's two. The girls spent a good amount of time in the "Secret Garden;" Ellen should have put them to work weeding back there. Harry was kind enough to show Little Brother how he can play "Freebird" on his really sweet red electric guitar, and he even let Middle Sister try out his treasured 2-wheeled skateboard (I think she wants one).

Little Brother lived in the pool all afternoon and Ellen observed that "he's gone from tadpole to frog." I couldn't believe that he was jumping right into the deep end! He'll be so proud to show TheDad and Big Brother how well he's swimming now.

And we moms enjoyed each other's company and chatted about everything from rowing to ripstiks to school uniforms. Ellen makes a fabulous ice-cream sandwich cake, too. Thanks again, Ellen, and it was great to see you and Christine.

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