Monday, April 27, 2009

Lost--and FOUND!

I'm taking a break from tearing apart the family room. I've been searching for a few things today.

First, the remote control to the DVD player--missing at least 10 days. Found that.

Second, Middle Sister's magenta water bottle (soon to be MY magenta water bottle since she has decided she likes my turquoise water bottle better. I really don't care as long as once we straighten this out, NOBODY ELSE drinks out of MY bottle. I'm territorial that way.) Found that.

But now I think it's time to call in the Big Guns. Yes, St. Anthony, I need some help. Little Brother has lost a good half-dozen of his Bakugan toys, and another little boy who was playing here last week lost one of his. I swear there's a black hole somewhere in my family room.

The upside is, all that "detail vacuuming" is getting done while I search.

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