Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Mailbox Surprise

Yesterday when I got the mail I found a fairly heavy padded envelope, addressed to me, with my own return address on it as well. The postmark gave away its origin, though--the Virginia town where Patti, one of my Family Corner forum buddies lives. At first I thought she might have sent me a book--we're both readers. But the package was a little lumpy for that.

What a surprise to open it up and find this beautiful rosary, handmade by her daughter. The Miraculous medal is also a locket--a combination I'd never seen before.

My first prayer on that rosary was a Divine Mercy chaplet, since the mail came at 3 PM. The chaplet was dedicated to my friend Patti, as she had hip replacement surgery yesterday. (Word last night was, she's doing well but is in some pain.) Please add her to your prayers.

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