Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What School Will I Serve?

Today I was asked to consider serving on the school board of a local Catholic school. My name was recommended because of my strong commitment to Catholic education.

The weird part? This is not one of the schools my children attend. In fact, it is a new regional school that resulted from the merger of four parochial schools that closed in June 2006. One of those schools is the one my children used to attend, and it was expected that the students would just attend this regional school.

But my family, along with several other families, did not believe that the regional school was a viable concept. We chose to find a different parochial school for our children.

Yes, I am deeply committed to Catholic education, as is my husband. But on the elementary level, my commitment is to parochial Catholic education. I believe that the school-parish connection is very important--and it's something that is lacking at Big Brother's diocesan high school, which attracts students from parishes all over the county.

Nearly half the student body at the regional elementary school (40%) is not Catholic. This leads me to believe that many families are using this school not as a way to ensure that their children receive a Catholic education, but rather as a way to keep them out of a public-school system that is rife with problems.

It is ironic that I have been asked to serve a school that I vehemently opposed three years ago, and I expressed that when I was approached about this. When I asked why I was considered for this position, I was told that the school board needed a committed parent from outside that school community.

I need to give an answer by the weekend; this will take much prayer and discussion with my husband. I'd welcome any thoughts my readers here have, as well!

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