Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Miscellany

It's been a crazy week! You would think that during a week when the kids are not in school, I would have more free time. But that was just not the case. Easter week included hosting a family dinner on Tuesday, a visit to my parents' for an overnight Wednesday, a semi-successful trip to the post office for passports on Friday (since when do birth certificates come in "long form" and "short form" and why weren't we aware before now that the "short form" is basically useless?), a Secular Franciscan Regional meeting on Saturday followed by dinner at our friends' home, and a softball game with less than 24 hours' notice on Sunday. (And that's just the highlights!)

Don't get me started on the softball-on-Sunday thing. I'm less pleased about that than I am about the 24 hours' notice.

Oh yeah, and I started showing symptoms of pinkeye on Saturday night. Fun, fun, fun! I should be at the school library now, but instead I am waiting for the doctor's office to open so I can get an appointment. Meanwhile, I made school lunches with baggies over my hands so I wouldn't be directly touching anyone's food.

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