Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Cardboard boxes always make the best toys

Little Brother has become fascinated with a "Crayola Kids' Theater" video production of "The Trojan Horse." It's pretty cheesy but ultimately stays fairly true to the epic story.
His dollar-store sword has been pressed into service a lot lately as he reinacts the battles. Then he needed a shield.
A round one. No other shape would do.
I found a big cardboard box that some potato chips had come in (thanks to our neighbor, who passed them along). Using a lid from a large Tupperware container, I traced a big circle and cut it out with the kitchen shears. They work on chicken bones AND corrugated cardboard--who knew?
I figured out how to make a handle for the inside and attached it.
Middle Sister contributed to the project by sketching some designs on the outside of the shield. (The inside has the logo, QUALITY SNACKS.)
Big Brother can't figure out why Middle Sister included a peace sign in the shield design. I think it's because she is a Franciscan at heart.
And is it very Franciscan of me to make shields for my son, and encourage him in his swordplay?
Just remember, Francis started out as an aspiring knight.

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