Monday, July 18, 2005

The Nightstand Meme

I've been memed by Steve
I don't really have a nightstand per se....I used to, but then I discovered that a bookshelf would be SO much more useful! So I moved the nighstand into a far corner. On top of it:
one lamp (broken)
statue of the Infant of Prague, which used to belong to my grandmother and which Middle Sister has requested to take with her to her own home
San Damiano cross
framed embroidered picture of St. Francis of Assisi

On the top shelf of the bookshelf, which is functioning as a nightstand (the rest of the bookshelf is, of course, full of books):
clock radio (alarm is set for 5 AM on days when Himself goes to work)
small wicker basket containing Christian Prayer, thermometer, and a booklet with a reading a day for Lent 2005
remote controls for: TV, VCR and ceiling fan/light
2 novels I haven't started reading yet, and
1 stuffed bulldog that Middle Sister won for me at our church carnival, since she felt sorry for me that I had injured my hand that day.

It seems that so many bloggers have already done this one....I'll toss it over to Jill and Lofted Nest.

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Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Darn! I just noticed that Lofted Nest already has done this meme.
Oh well...Jill, you're on your own here!