Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Room-Cleaning Ritual

Where else could I find 5 mittens (2 complete pairs and one oddball) and one "ear wrap" in the heat of July? Oh, and did I mention that the owner of one of those pairs hasn't fit into them for at least 2 winters now?
Where else would I see assorted Magnetix pieces buried among clean tissues still in the box?
Where else might I discover an entire desk-drawerful of crayons in conditions varying from new to broken and naked?
Other odditites:
4 "Box Tops for Education"
3 earring backs (no fronts)
a tiny lip gloss container
3 mismatched Bratz feet
1 plastic stegosaurus
2 Game Boy cartridges
2 spoons (essential utensils for the "Put a spoon under your pillow and there will be a Snow Day tomorrow" tradition practiced by children on the school bus)
4 pairs of school scissors

Yes, all of this--and more can be found on Room-Cleaning Day in Middle Sister's Room!!

To be fair, I cleaned out my own top desk drawer and found no less than 6 wheels from Hess trucks. I know how those got there. They were confiscated from Little Brother's mouth when he was a toddler and had a propensity for teething on Hess trucks.

Yes, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I love her all the more for that.

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