Friday, July 22, 2005

Hats off to My One & Only!

Himself has just completed a grueling 2-year graduate MBA program at Villanova University; this while holding down a full-time job, being a husband to me and Daddy to 3 kids, and putting Everything Else in Life on the back burner.
The "final final" has been taken--just last night. All assignments have been turned in. The student parking pass has expired.
Now he is preparing to depart tomorrow morning for a mosquito-filled, non-air-conditioned week at Camp Powhatan Boy Scout Camp with Big Brother and the rest of the Scout troop.
Many dads wouldn't think of spending a week in the woods with a bunch of adolescent boys and no internet connection. Big Brother is lucky that he has a dad who's going to do just that.
I'm really proud of Himself and what he has worked hard to do. It has been a big sacrifice for him. He has missed out on a lot of the fun (and a good bit of the not-so-fun). The kids have missed him and so have I. I think it has taken its toll on his health as well.
I am looking forward to his return from Boy Scout Camp next weekend. It will be wonderful to have him home for dinner every night, with no homework to think about. I'll be encouraging him to eat better, exercise more, and find something spiritual to do just for him--just as he supports my life as a Secular Franciscan. He will get to read Curious George with Little Brother, Winnie-the-Pooh with Middle Sister, and talk about Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings with Big Brother.
In other words, he'll get to be Daddy again. So, to My One & Only, welcome back--and we're proud of you!

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Jill said...

congratulations... to the whole family because it sounds like a family effort to be able to achieve that... also barb - to you for being such a great wife and mom!

i know corny - but in essence corny makes the world ok in the end!